Educational Tracks


Midwest Active Citizenship Initiative produces an number of educational tracks to develop capacity to achieve its goals.

Civic Organizing 101

Purpose: To develop lead organizing capacity to meet and teach criteria for civic organizing, organize members to their institutional organizing agency, develop capacity to implement and teach civic organizing educational tracks, and to recruit potential new institutional members to the MACI base.

MACI Civic Leadership Institute for Governing Members

Purpose: To develop the capacity of governing members to make a case in their jurisdiction for a new approach to policy making called civic policy making and articulate how their practice advances MACI purpose.

MACI Civic Institute for Emerging Leaders

Purpose:To develop a new basis for policy making within next generations grounded in civic principles that place the obligation to govern justly and wisely in the role we have as citizens in this democracy.  This purpose expands the potential to meet the over-all purpose of the Midwest Active Citizenship Initiative (MACI).

Members Developed Educational Tracks

Members develop Active Citizenship, Intro to Civic Leadership  and Civic Leadership for Civic Institutions based upon their stage of civic organizing.

Active Citizenship and Intro to Civic Leadership  introduces individuals to the meaning and governing obligations of Institutional Operating Principles. Civic Leadership for Civic Institutions support MACI Lead Organizers to adapt 101 to their institution, and to organize key stakeholders who have not taken 101 but who are necessary to achieve work plan goals and objectiv