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The Midwest Active Citizenship Initiative (MACI) organizes a base of leaders and a new basis for policy making in the state of Minnesota that places the obligation to govern justly and wisely in the role we all have as citizens.

The base of leaders uses a civic organizing approach to implement a civic policy agenda. The civic policy agenda produces the civic capacity and civic infrastructure needed for institutions to achieve their particular purpose and foster economic and environmental sustainability while addressing the complex problems that threaten the common good.

Civic organizing sustains democracy as a just system of governance.

Remembering Tony Massengale

Tony MassengaleTony Massengale was co-creator of the Civic Organizing Model and long-time organizer in Los Angeles County. Tony was a student of the Black Power Movement, and formally apprenticed in community-based organizing through the Industrial Areas Foundation, a national and now international organization founded by Saul Alinsky. Learn more about Tony.



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Introduction to Civic Organizing

Kowalski’s Markets discusses its civic business philosophy:

I have become increasingly troubled about what is not working in our society. Civic organizing provides a path for systemic civic renewal. By incorporating civic principles in our grocery business we are sustaining the company for succeeding generations and contributing to the quality of civic life in Minnesota.”

—Mary Kowalski, Owner, Kowalski’s Markets

We believe that faithful people have an obligation to be active citizens in their families, their congregations, in their community and in the larger society. An active citizen takes on the obligations of a governing member: to participate in public deliberation, decision making, and policy making in good faith to move towards the common good. No matter what structure of authority exists, a citizen cannot abdicate responsibility to govern for the good of the whole. This role and obligation is supported in the teachings and the principles of Islam and provides the way for Muslim Americans to live within and contribute to the larger society without losing our own history and identity.”

—Iman Sharif Mohamed, Islamic Civic Society of America