Kowalski’s Markets

Kowalski Companies is a civic business. All stakeholders are obligated to organize, educate, and set policy according to democratic principles and standards. We do this in partnership with other demonstrations of the Minnesota Active Citizenship Initiative to renew and sustain democracy and to create a world that is abundant and just.

Islamic Civic Society of America

Islamic Civic Society of America (ICSA) demonstrates the compatibility between Islamic and Civic principles in a democratic society. Members of ICSA are dedicated to governing for the common good while addressing the specific needs of the Muslim community. The Islamic Civic Society of America Operating Principles guide members in their commitment to advance ICSA identity while achieving goals.

Islamic Civic Society of America institution will develop the moral capacity of the people to produce a just society. Within a democratic society, moral capacity encompasses both religious precepts and democratic principles. ICSA understands that Islamic principles are compatible with civic principles to develop the capacity needed for ICSA to carry out its identity and mission.

Civic Organizing Inc./Civic Organizing Foundation

Civic Organizing Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit established for the public purpose of developing a citizen-led, cross-sector base of leaders that has the capacity to transform fundamental institutions of family, community, learning, work, and governance into centers of ethical leadership development and democratic governance. The goal is to create a healthy, effective democracy, nurtured by engaged citizens and institutions.

Civic Organizing Inc. is non-partisan. It does not support any particular political party or philosophy. It acts upon the belief that the citizens of a democracy have both the authority and the obligation to create a just and abundant society. In order to do so, citizens must have the political skills to take effective action and they must organize their efforts for sustainable outcomes. Civic Organizing Inc. works in partnership with the citizen-leaders it organizes to fulfill those goals.

Civic Organizing Inc. provides direct organizing, educational support, evaluation, and theory building needed to support the Minnesota Active Citizenship Initiative. COI acts as fiscal agent to support MACI, operates, supervises, and controls the Civic Organizing Foundation (COF), a supporting organization (in collaboration with the Center for Civic Capacity Building).