Feb 172017

The Civic Nonprofit Demonstration (CNP) of the Minnesota Active Citizenship Initiative (MACI) was launched in 2003 when Sean Kershaw became executive director of the Citizens League. In August 2015, Citizens League membership in CNP was formally sunset after many attempts to advance a civic organizing approach within the institution. The experience provided essential information for developing a civic organizing model. (See details in the 2015 CNP Case Study Update.)

In 2015-2016, Sean Kershaw and Peg Michels (Civic Organizing Inc. Board members) with support from MACI, restructured the Civic Nonprofit Demonstration. The intent was to start fresh using what is now a civic organizing model produced from the 20 years of experimentation. This decision provided an opportunity to establish the Civic Nonprofit Demonstration as an autonomous MACI structure whose sole purpose was to expand the civic organizing model and make necessary adjustments. At the same time, we established a collaborative relationship with the Citizens League that allowed Sean Kershaw to use the Civic Organizing Framework to support the development of the CNP Demonstration in his role as Citizens League executive director. In return the Citizens League could use findings from MACI Case Studies to support their policy initiatives.

Our current focus for organizing is to complete Stage 1 with a base of 2 to 5 nonprofits and sustain CNP as a governing demonstration of the Minnesota Active Citizenship Initiative. (Deadline: June 2017.) If that deadline is achieved we will move forward to test our ability to expand in Stage 2.

Dan Holub, Minnesota Association of Professional Employees (MAPE), received approval from his Board for piloting a civic organizing approach within MAPE.

Read the case study documents:

Civic Nonprofit Framing Document (pdf)
Civic Nonprofit Policy Agenda (pdf)
Civic Nonprofit 2016 Update (pdf)