Case Studies


MACI demonstrations do annual case studies as a way to examine their application of the Civic Organizing Approach and to make the case for continued change.

A case study argument is grounded in the:

  • The need for change based upon indicators of an in ability to provide sustainable progress towards addressing challenging public problems.
  • Civic Organizing as a proposed solution strategy
  • Evidence from lessons learned in the demonstration of the approach.

The complete case study for each demonstration includes:

  • A Framing Document that frames the need for change and why a civic organizing approach meets that need.
  • A Demonstration Civic Policy Agenda based upon the need for change.
  • An annual update that produces evidence demonstration members are advancing the agenda.

Civic Governance

Civic Governance is a new approach to policy making that produces a civic infrastructure needed to govern for the common good and sustain democracy as a just system of governance.

Civic Governance Framing Document
Civic Governance Policy Agenda
Civic Governance 2016 Update

Civic Nonprofit

The Civic Nonprofit is a demonstration of the Minnesota Active Citizenship Initiative. It produces a new approach to policy making—civic policy making—within the nonprofit sector that builds the civic imagination, capacity, and infrastructure needed to be a just society.

Civic Nonprofit Framing Document (pdf)
Civic Nonprofit Policy Agenda (pdf)
Civic Nonprofit 2016 Update (pdf)

Civic Business

Civic Business builds the capacity of business institutions to develop active citizen leaders within their organizations. Civic Business does this in partnership with other demonstrations of the Minnesota Active Citizenship Initiative to renew and sustain democracy and to create a world that is abundant and just.

Civic Business Framing Document and 2016 Update
Civic Business Policy Agenda